Jonathan Winters Tribute


In honor of the late Jonathan Winters, I have posted some awesome television commercial footage on the Classic Television Showbiz Blog.


Rage Against Gandee Candy


Did I go BUCKWILD over the death of Shain Gandee?

21-year-old BUCKWILD star Shain (pronounced “Shane”) Gandee, alias “Gandee Candy,” was the victim of a recent suicidal attempt, having killed in a mudslide caused by carbon monoxide fumes – having harmed the reality TV redneck in West Virginia.

You can read more about the BUCKWILD mystery at

Truce: The Indecisive Weapon

Here at the Shots Fired! Blog, I am vying for writing compelling posts concerning conservative sedition in an era of Republican offensiveness. So why beat the liberal political rallying system when there are lots of issues defended by the Democrats in ever new ways of defeating a landslide victory?

However, as I put it, never give up on conservative think tanking when there’s plenty of Republican deep-thinking in the West Wing, on the World Wide Web, and, of course, in all forms of media. Conservatively, the President, the Vice President and their gubernatorial aides are proposing new areas of political action in

the U.S. and elsewhere around the globe. Fighting crime, terrorism, malnutrition and drug addiction and bringing the cold-war militants home by 2014 are among the themes involving the subverted Democrats and the Republicans who debate on the many other issues facing the most critical challenges in Congress.

Ultimately, there are some offensive sticking points concerning conservative apathy on Capitol Hill.

Believe me, the power political battlefield begins each year – and President Barack Hussein Obama and his

partner in truce, Joseph Biden – originally a U.S. Senator from Connecticut, make the cut, blurring the lines over the liberal delegates, the conservative lawmakers, and the men who defend progressive reform.


President Nixon was the most controversial figure in the war against conservative Congressional apathy in Washington, D.C. He coined the catchphrase “I am not a crook,” which was coined by financial motivator Ben Stein in the 1970s. As “Deep Throat” conspiracy awaited that same decade, Nixon resigned from the Oval Room under the oath during the Watergate scandal.

I ponder why apathy affects the conservative side of political warfare; and President Obama and his aides are cleaning up apathetic truce in several years’ time. On the gubernatorial debunking incubation website, the Senate Fiduciary Committee is attempting to justify the various liberal oaths in the common sense of Presidential deliberation against the progressives fighting for the right. is also unraveling the tyranny of Presidential reform, which paves new ground in defending overall freedom and the powers that be.


Labor is an important issue concerning the workplace. Unemployment is defeated each year, as Congress fights back against the deployment of corporate greed and the fraud-oriented schemes involving the rogue traders backfiring their conspiracies altogether. What I am confronting over unemployment is that a number of hires at many of the world’s most-hated companies, including some publicly traded businesses, could backfire as well. That’s not everyone’s job, you know! shows Congressional figures how power affects the conservatives as well as the liberals more respect while preserving libertarian hardship, aggression and confrontation within the common-sense lawmaker of the future.

What really counts is that apathy applies to the conservatives going after the Democratic blue statesmen vying for defending Republican honor with pride, apprehension and hardship. To me, getting the liberals caught in the conservative crosshairs continues to grow as pressure over the Democrats grows.