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Better Know the Mayor

We all believe in conservative and liberal gubernatorial warfare – but, above all, who is about to change the face of government these days, huh? But, as I find out who – the mayor of Washington County – is ready for change in reform.

Nonetheless, there ought to be some conservative thinking in Washington County that is in Washington, D.C.

Even www.thewrap.com’s entertainment law blog, Hollywood, D.C. – a portmanteau of Hollywood, California and Washington, D.C. – gives politicians and the media and entertainment industries a voice in the creative community and on Capitol Hill.

Enough said.

Screw Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Al Franken.

To me, as I put it in blogging, Washington County needs a more simplified voice in the legislature: the mayor.

He is the most powerful conservative gubernatorial figure in power politics, and the embodiment of all other Congressional figures ever known to man day in and day out

– defending every area of the government realm. To embody the creation of political hardship and confrontation, mayoral figures representing the 50 states that make up the North American region are rallying and speaking out on difficult issues one delegate at at time. The mayors of certain cities throughout America listen to what the Congressionally-minded conservatives speak out on the vital issues facing each other’s nation – and what these mayoral delegates debate over the countless hot-button topics affecting all red state and blue state lawmakers young and old who are fighting for the right-wing middle class.

In The Weekly Standard Magazine, aimed primarily at the conservative-minded male audience – conservatism is the father of all political parties, Republican and Democratic, and how the free enterprise system is rallied in perpetuity.

Mayors all just like that. Really.

Matt Drudge, whose name is derived from a slang term meaning “someone involved in drudgery,” is the embodiment of gubernatorial conspiracy. Drudge is the founder and editor of the Drudge Report – which focuses primarily on political and social journalism on the World Wide Web. Radically engaging and absolutely thought provoking, Drudge provides the common scoop on political warfare from a blogger’s perspective.

Every mayor rallies against the liberal enemies facing pressure from conservative upsets. Thus the mayor will defend all areas of government on a day-by-day track record; and he is free to intervene with all of the other members of the House of Congress as he confronts over the most common modern-day issues facing the Presidential aides and the liberal, progressive and conservative pundits vying for gubernatorial rallying in the Nation’s Capitol.