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I am a crook… you are the liar

Because of my gubernatorial freedom pursued in a conservative manner, the right-winged political troubleshooters are in desperate need of offending the Senate’s toughest crooks across this land of mine. To this intent, as I see it, liberalism is futile. Futility is the single weapon in the war against liberalism as I blog what is going on in the Nation’s Capitol – make that Washington, D.C.

You are the liar. I’m the crook who tackles the toughest conservative values in the frigging country.

Capitalism, racism, sexism – these are just some of the words ending with the suffix –ism when Congress calls. Guess which delegate is here to answer. The liberals will lose public policy this year to the conservative power players rallying over the issues affecting my world and theirs. I am rhetorically built around the topics more than any other blog comedian in recent memory. To me, however, billions of cash could be needed to fund future common-sense gubernatorial and libertarian projects, having each Congressional Republican leader’s say over the issues affecting them as well. Today, conservatism; tomorrow, the Democrats who fight for the right. To preserve power to the 50th power, Congress is facing confrontation in a rally of equals.

If I am a crook, every conservative pundit will become liars.


President Obama and Vice President Biden defend the issues all other lawmakers miss. To the contrary, I’ll carry my .50 caliber semi-electric conservative stun gun and attack the liberal inaction caused by blue-state reform defense detectives (just kidding!).

I am the crook… you are the liar.

To me, conservatism is real. For the Republicans, every issue is about to defend in Senatorial glory as the liberal and progressive lawmakers will speak out over the deficits attacking the conservatives in 2014. The truce concerning conservatism and how Obama, Biden and their aides will rally with the legislators during the decades that follow their decision-making strategies.

Observe conservative freedom.


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Debunking how people ponder

The are of pondering is how many people think while placing their right hands with their brains. What better way there is to eradicate imponderability than to deep-think inside the human mind. For many of the more the 870 billion men each year, imponderability is essential to an arsenal of neurological terms, which include a plot to increase a man’s pondering human brain by 100 percent.

That’s an I.Q. of 100 for every male brain being picked by males.

According to Imponderables reference book series author David Feldman, thinking men must ponder with their brains – primarily through streams of electrical currents receiving messages concerning the creation of thoughts surrounding the entire central nervous system. I am pondering with my right hand under my head, as I think deeply in my mind, for that matter.

Feldman is an authority on all things imponderable, having submitting questions focusing on the mysteries of everyday life across 10 critically acclaimed titles in the Imponderables book series. He also invented two groundbreaking party games, Malarky and Imponderables, and has the upcoming book The Imponderable Gun hitting bookstores this fall from longtime publisher HarperCollins.



Do not blog until you see the man with the fact check!

Fact checkers are the men with the debunking brains behind the headlines… the liars, crooks, and goons chasing one top story in the news after another… and investigative insertion of nonfiction content in print and digital media.

What about the fictitious fact-checking organization Rent-A-Blogger?

I believe it was a joke!

Here’s another punch line Anthony Jesselnik doesn’t want me to laugh:


Please repent with me as fact-checking pundits follow each other through the magic of the mainstream media as they search for truth in investigative journalism, yielding bigger, more editable blogs.


Firing back at factual evidence, I, the Fact Detective, am about to eradicate imponderability by placing factual content in every form of media available today.

That’s unimportant to the liberals and important to conservative debunkers and journalists gather the scoop from inside Washington, D.C.

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