Liars and Crooks: About the Blog

Prepare for the biggest political and general-knowledge debate ever when gives bloggers a voice. My blog features original, intellectually and politically conscious anecdotes and far-out humor that will bring a topic a day to your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone or tablet.

With the Liars and Crooks Blog, Word Press users can post comments on a variety of intelligent, gubernatorial-minded topics and debate on the issues affecting your short attention span. Liars and Crooks brings a world of curiosity, political insight and hilarious banter with every blog post. My mission is to pick brains, give bloggers and Internet surfers diverse insights on the themes focusing on the quality of the world and the persons, places and curiosities and the areas of knowledge, create change and provoke change in the creation of ideas worth thinking. With new, original blog posts and views on the topics and thematic and generally informative issues people will talk about year after year, decade after decade, the Liars and Crooks Blog is your portal through the politically charged and highly thought provoking smarts no other blog or vlog can match.

Click below for the following address on the Web:

For more politically conscious mayhem, log on to my companion blog on Blogger:



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