Michael Berry: radio’s most conservative banterer

Berry interesting!

That’s what Michael Berry is all about political banter. Lots of it… allegedly.

But who is Michael Berry?

With his own brand of conservative radio talk, Berry is the highly praised political talk-radio pioneer, with more than 20 million listeners.

Berry is at the height of gubernatorial media and has been more conservative than any other talk-radio host in America. On his official Web site, www.themichaelberryshow.com, there is a bio of Berry and how his career in radio began. I am confident Michael Berry will go after my fellow conservative talk radio listeners tuning in each day.

As competitive as any other radio broadcaster, Michael Berry is the father of all conservative radio talk personalities, cashing in on a host of other political observers such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. And Berry’s own brand of conservative talk radio does not absolutely stop here, there or anywhere, however.

To be continued in future blog posts…


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