How to Attack the Life-Changing Genie

An anthropologist named Calvin Ironside experience a mystical genie inside a lamp in the form of a crossfire in the magic bottle silhouette – he had ever imagined this supernatural creature in male human form until now.

“Buzzaam, let me out!”

“I’ll get you right out of the crossfire bottle-shaped magic lamp,” Cal replied.

Rubbing the lamp with his hands, Cal granted 50 wishes and, soon, without warning, Buzzaam began to come out and meet the anthropologist while traveling to Egypt, home of the famous ancient pyramid Sphinx.

“Cal, what is your wish?” asked Buzzaam.

Cal answered, “Buzz me in! I wish I could be a Shadow Buster!”

Buzzaam said, “Your wish is my command.”

As Buzzaam granted Cal his first wish, the anthropologist turned into a crime-fighting scientist, complete with police uniform and a revolver hand gun in his holster.

“Detective Broderick Throckmorton and his Shadow Busters team of fact checkers and detectives will be on duty to battle the forces of genie-changing combat.”

Buzzaam was right.

Cal told the genie, “I am carrying my specially designed magic lamp when I travel to England next week..”

“Do you know where the Shadow Busters are?” asked Buzzaam.

“Fortunately,” Cal answered, “Detective Throckmorton is coming right on top of his case. He is tracing genie-ectoplasm evidence when he and the Shadow Busters come at the scene of the crime.”

“You wish to possess the power of genie prowess and tenacity that are helping to transform you into every countless object.”

“Can I grant you 900 billion more wishes?” asked Cal.

“You will get your next few wishes,” answered Buzzaam.



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