Defamation is the main conspiracy for all mankind

Man vs. defamation: a controversial issue that has all guys getting their shots fired.

I am a honest power player in how defamation is eradicated in the West Wing on Capitol Hill as Congress plays up efforts to defame men of all ages, depending of how they discriminate and probably conspire how they defend the hottest hot-button issue concerning their will

But what can a man offend defamation as a conservative stance to all whom it may affect each other’s honor?

What I have convinced the tyranny of defamation, I will react and defend all reasonable actions concerning defamation because of who is to blame racial and sexual circumstances over these male mystique.

To me, defamation affects all men their age by confronting actively in a Congressional subversion. As subversion of defamation continues, I am concerning over the controversy referring to all conservative leaders and their aides rallying over this timely issue. All men are about to tackle the issues concerning defamation and how the ascent of human incest is resolved in the Nation’s Capitol.

Why is defamation crucial to defending human apprehension?

Fighting defamation is a tacky situation in which every man’s ability to debate on the conspiracies affecting the male mystique and how men should confront over the Congressmen and their advisors on how they propose certain rules observing the issue.

The online political website will reveal how the conservative ice-breakers debate over defamation and how they are in ambush to break the barriers of male inaction within the lobbyists who are taking charge of their defamation-oriented efforts.


However, Congress must act to end defamation in conservative rallies as this timely issues is under attack.

Please go to and sign up a petition.


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