Olbermann’s law of conservative gravity


Observing conservative freedom

Keith Olbermann has been a conspiracy theorist in the conservative party and counted down the top news stories of the day on his MSNBC and Current TV versions of Countdown.

Offending the liberals

When it comes to conservatism, I choose Olbermann to be the master of gubernatorial truce, truthfulness and observation beyond public-policy reform.

The author with a mission

With more than five volumes of sports/politically-minded nonfiction to his name, Keith Theodore Olbermann is one of the most outspoken and controversial Presidential figures of my generation – and theirs.

Focused on conservatively conscious political conspracies

Liberal, conservative, progressive and every political standpoint three-way, Oblbermann’s secret mission is called observational truce – when liberalism lurks in the minds of the conservative Presidential observers,

Olberman is here to speak out and overcome liberal jurisdiction within the gubernatorial think tanks representing both Congressional parties.

More Congressional observations are at www.keitholbermann.com.


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