In the Farces of the Law


I try to tell the Federal Bureau of Investigation every day with schemes of their own to foil the police-department rookies of the world to fend off “commonism” in the best sense of my dick.

Coming apart, the FBI has been solving tough suspects and tracked down various fugitives in the U.S. since J. Edgar Hoover ran it during the 20th century. The non-profit organization combats and detects crime, punishment and civil justice and interrogates men, women and their crooks in all areas of the law.

It became the basis for the 1962-1973 ABC Television Network series The FBI, which followed the cases of Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and an all-star cast investigating crime and bringing the fugitives and other suspects to justice.

All law enforcement officers can find out where to locate the suspect at and track down who gets away, and what they can do to go after the next runaway victim.

By cracking the case, the FBI continues to remain silent – forever.

Ready… aim… fire!

Shoot down the fugitives, attack the crooks, and arrest the identity theft victims who commit crime

…and fight for justice and right… to the billionth power.


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