Know when to elect a president in 2016

Is President Obama on his way out of the White House in 2016? When will the next President of the United States of America succeed him the other way around?

Conservative mindbender Mark R. Levin knows. Levin says, “By 2016, the next President of the United States is carrying the American way of defending freedom, not only does he and/or she can deliberate, but will rally over the issues facing America today – racism, drugs, firearm control, the economy, the environment, trafficking, crime, justice, higher learning, housing, agriculture, poverty, the media, entertainment and sports industries – as Congress figures out who will be nominated during the election in November of 2016. That’s it.”

Levin is not alone. According to botanist, conservative talk radio host and author Michael Savage, a new Presidential candidate will tackle the hottest hot-button topics this side of the Nation’s Capitol. However, as Savage points out, “Can the new President of the U.S. keep track of federal budget spending, defense spending and probably the other issues facing the conservatives alike ahead of liberal inaction? That’s the question Obama, Biden and other top Washington lawmakers attempt to defend the adversaries within.”

Do the delegates need a strong conservative voice on Capitol Hill?

To debunk the false conservative campaigns airing on major media outlets and local-newspaper formats owned by various media outlets, I need to know how to flack-check gubernatorial evidence by going to and investigate misinformation concerning the new President of the U.S. to be elected sometime in the fall of 2016.  gives me the opportunity to fact-check for insertion of conservative-minded campaigns across the country seeking Congressional truce via a variety of media-outlet platforms.

Presumably, as I put it in blogging, the truce surrounding the liberals and the conservatives remains to be seen and heard. So, what will be a President to do soon?

Go to the Subversion Blog at and find out what the next conservative thinker is when the Presidential election arrives in 2016.


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