Should Michael Dell re-acquire the computer titan?

Only when Dell Inc. chieftain Michael Saul Dell has his last say over his highly controversial buyout of the Texas-based direct mail manufacturer of desktop and laptop personal computers.

Can someone else save Dell from dismantling the entire company?

Will he take the entire company private soon?

There are rumors and speculation facing Dell’s uncertain future as a going concern in the information technology sector. To me, Dell’s current self-titled company, founded in 1984 to sell computing devices via direct mail, is mulling strategic options, among them a breakup of an entire company. What now for M.S.D. – who currently runs the only direct-mail IT corporation headquartered in Texas?

Maybe Carl Icahn might beat Dell up… if federal regulators oppose the LBO.

Southeastern Asset Management owns a third of Dell common stock, in which the computer giant could cross dueling paths. For Dell – which, in turn, designs, develops and sells laptop computers via direct mail – a black hole hovers over Michael S. Dell’s fate as chief executive officer.

This causes more commotion for the 45-day go-shop period ending March 22nd.

If you click on, then you’ll read complete details on the battle for re-gaining control of Dell.

Screw Dell Inc. There is some opposition from Icahn himself, having ruled out derailing the leverage buyout of the entire company.

If Dell were to be bought out by Dell himself, why not reject the best offer for an entire publicly held IT manufacturer?

Dell could be bullied by the millions of shareholders expressing interest in repurchasing the company whole.

Other Dell brands include the Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware computer lines.

For an examination of the controversial billion-dollar buyout of Dell, go to Dell’s corporate website at


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