To Catch a Destructive Brawler

In Santa Monica, California, where the Santa Monica Police Department is domiciled, Sgt. Keith Fitz was at the nearest Carl’s Jr. restaurant ordering a Thickburger meal, as Frank S.Bucher, one of the Carl’s Jr. master chefs preparing Sgt. Fitz’s luncheon delicacy, asked him, “What can I get you?”

Sgt. Fitz answered: “I will have a Thickburger Deluxe with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions, along with a large order of genuine fried potatoes and a medium size Pepsi.”

“We’re running out of Pepsi,” said Frank.

“How about Diet Pepsi?” Sgt. Fitz asked.

Frank answered, “Wrong-o!”

“RC Cola?” asked Sgt. Fitz again.

"Frank incorrectly" answered,” Sorry, Fitz!”

Bang! There went the sound of a mysterious, stretchable sheriff named Paul Smallwood, a.k.a. “Stretch Man,” firing bullets at a few glass windows with a .44 caliber magnum semi-automatic revolver hand gun.

“Look out, dude!” shouted Frank. “There’s a stretching sheriff coming to brawl the entire eatery!”

As Stretch Man started brawling, Carl’s Jr. customers screamed and pushed themselves in a deadly scenario, and the stretching sheriff destroyed everything in the restaurant’s kitchen.

“Shadow Busters, stop him!” Frank screamed.

“Officer Matlock, Stretch Man is in trouble taking over Santa Monica,” said Detective Throckmorton.

“So you want to bust Stretch Man Smallwood, who is destroying everyplace across Southern California,” former California Highway Patrol Officer Matlock, a director of the Shadow Busters Foundation who aimed to crack the case, said.

“There’s no better reason to solve the mystery of Paul ‘Stretch Man’ Smallwood than to interrogate the evidence!” Detective Throckmorton said.



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