A Case of Workplace Libel–Conclusion

A disillusioned Jace was on the case, saying, “I am cracking the case with other Shadow Busters enforcers as we track down a few ‘conglomerate serial killers’ murdering executives their age following the investigation.

“I, Jace, will solve the mystery of this grueling serial murderer,” Jace said to his fellow Shadow Busters colleagues. “To my intent, the Shadow Busters are unraveling the case with several of my own crime-fighting inventions; however, serial murderers, especially Dave himself, will try to be shadow busted around the entire building.”

Fact checker Tyron Holloway, a five-year Shadow Busters Foundation veteran who had been on the L.A.P.D. beat as a rookie enforcement officer for six-and-a-half years, told Sgt. Harry, “If you see Dave murdering the X.E.D. executives during the next four days, Jace and other Shadow Busters teammates will cross-investigate the evidence… do not hesitate to cross paths while chasing one serial-killer suspect after another.”

“Holloway,”  Sgt. Harry asked, ‘”have you seen Dave killing each one of the many executives who run X.E.D. Group at their headquarters right here in Chicago?”

“While Dave was on the hunt for corporate execs becoming victims of their own crimes, the Shadow Busters will crack the case,” Holloway answered.

“Jace was right,” Detective Throckmorton said.

“Capt. Noseworthy pointed out what Jace, Special Agent Dean Kill and Broderick, our resident magician and inventor, will resolve Dave’s case within a matter of weeks.”

“But to whom?” asked Jace.

X.E.D. shareholders were standing in ambush; and Detective Throckmorton was shooting down Dave following the serial murders.

“Tell them Broderick Throckmorton, P.I. said so,” Sgt. Harry answered.

Holloway said, “Sgt. Harry, my mission is to buster law-enforcement shadows that the dumb criminals leave behind on varied investigations. The Shadow Busters crack the evidence and bring the suspects to justice…”

“Would you keep your wide mouth shut?” asked Sgt. Harry.

Detective Throckmorton fired a couple of bullets at X.E.D. general counsel George Calloway and ran away, stepping into the elevator while Dave awaited going after him.

Sgt. Harry heard the gunfire before heading to the elevator; and Detective Throckmorton was going after Dave as Jace assisted him on his first case.

“Throckmorton’s getting Dave arrested soon,” said Holloway. “Let’s get the serial killer shadow busted!”

“Kill, find him,” Sgt. Harry shouted.

Detective Throckmorton and Special Agents Duke and Kill chased Dave about X.E.D.’s corporate campus in the Windy City.

Broderick waved his wand at the suspect, leaving no stone turned.

Dave said, “I’ll get you next time, Broderick Throckmorton!”

“Is this a quiz?” Detective Throckmorton interrogated.

“Jace, get Dave!” Special Agent Duke replied.

“You’re on the road to bringing yourself to justice,” Detective Throckmorton told Dave what his plans were.

Special Agent Duke ran to the X.E.D. vending machines and bought a bottle of tea, then ran and hit a bottle of Snapple tea at Jace’s head.

“Duke, were in the world are you?” asked Jace.

“Jace,” Special Agent Duke answered, “the Shadow Busters are tracking Dave at the scene of the crime! Stop him before Detective Throckmorton goes after the brutal serial killer!”



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