Should Congress go by the way of liberalism?

Do not go directly to the liberal side of Capitol Hill. Now, what’s next for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden?

Will the liberals attack the conservative legislators while not rallying on the issues facing government concern?

Can censorship in Washington, D.C. remain inactive?

For all circumstanced beyond the control of public policy, Congress has a better idea: Prepare for gubernatorial frankness.

As soon as President Obama rallies under oath, my indication of what the House of Congress has on its agenda will be feasible. However, to me, no one will show up for the Greatest Political Rally Ever – the Biden & Obama Traveling Congressional Rally! Whew! Go home, liberals! Go home! Nobody will take place in the West Wing should the House of Congress ratify public-policy reform again.

Can Congress be saved? Can conservatism prevail?

Yes, I predict the past, present and future of modern political decision making in the 21st century and beyond. Yesterday, today and tomorrow – as credited and accounted for years to come.

Liberalism can be stopped by the conservative free enterprise system. Proof the Red Statesmen are rally over racism, drug addiction, sexism, cannibalism, ecology, bullying, and countless other social realms involving men and women of all ages.

I tell all the members of the House of Congress to stand up for middle-class gubernatorial rallying and guessing as lawmakers from all over America defend absolute freedom – and tackling the hot-button issues many people deal with, one reform policy proposal at a time.


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