Another day of shopping away from home

Me and Annette enjoyed a two-hour trip toward many of the finest retail establishments ever. At the Bayport branch of the United States Postal Service, I handed over the letter to one of the postmasters for my Daily Show comrade at Comedy Central, Jon Stewart, and, before that, we stopped by Bread Art and grabbed hot cross buns for the annual Easter dinner celebration.

At Culver’s, we enjoyed sharing a huge walleye fillet sandwich, washed it away with a medium side cup of tea, and sweeten our taste buds with a Culver’s Concrete Malt. Meanwhile, when when shopped at Cub, I picked up Essential Everyday Extra Creamy Whipped Topping – perfect for topping a freshly baked pie at Kolowski’s Market.

Following out trip to Kolowski’s, we came to Wal-Mart and purchased lip protection and a pharmaceutical prescription.

We concluded our two-hour shopping journey with a visit to the Holiday Station Store in Oak Park Heights. Here, Mom bought a lottery ticket; and I snapped up a couple of bottles of real-fruit-and-boosts smoothies.


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