No Iron Maiden for Universal Music post-EMI?

Iron Maiden are trading in EMI Music for Roadrunner Records and BMG, respectively, following nearly 33 years with EMI after France’s Vivendi began inheriting the EMI tradition in 2012.

BMG, part of the Bertelsmann empire, purchased Maiden’s former record label, Sanctuary, last month, while Roadrunner parent corporation Warner Music bought Parlophone, Britain’s oldest and largest major-label recording company, in January – ahead of the group’s next album, an untitled, 14-track disc hitting stores in 2014.

As Iron Maiden prepare for their next disc and first Roadrunner release, the veteran band’s lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, tells the Liars and Crooks Blog what their latest project is about.

“When WMG brought our former label from EMI’s new owner in Santa Monica, California, me, Nico, Adrian and Steve were thinking about Iron Maiden’s first Roadrunner album since Universal Music took over Harvest Records, where we recorded our self-title album and title track – also titled Iron Maiden – in 1980 and became the first heavy metal act to join the Harvest artist roster in the post-Little River Band and pre-Duran Duran era.

“Unfortunately, following the 2010 release of The Final Frontier, me and my fellow Iron Maiden colleagues have ended our relationship with what is now Universal Music and are readying the switch to Warner Music, which now operates Parlophone as well as Roadrunner.”

Iron Maiden are confident their next CD will be the first album to be released in 2014 on Roadrunner.

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