One man’s awesome is another man’s wonderful

Common men have their way of saying “Thank you” to their wives and children. However, my priority will be just as relevant as these hunks are about to prepare personal blogs focusing on their hobbies, journeys and careers. My secret fantasy? To create personal blogs that engage with men their age. I wonder how these men’s personal blogs reflect on the issues they discuss anywhere on any device.

Commonly, men’s personal blogs are a lot like their personal journals.

But one man’s awesome is another man’s wonderful. Really.

Real men publish their thoughts on their own weblogs and wikis at the time they are ready to be shared. In my opinion, however, the man you always want to meet online is writing about his destiny, his future and the assignments he wants to explore.

That’s how a man gets his stories published on blogs. Awesome!

Can you following the man in your life on Twitter? How about Pinterest?

Blogging is one man’s hobby. So does wiki publishing. Whew!

According to, blogging becomes the largest and highly interactive medium for men, alongside online personal wikis and diaries. Imagine all of them.

Ready to take chances ever better, the average male blogger is posting what he ponders.

Take Shadow Busters, the crime-fighting comedy blog powered by Google’s free online publishing tool On my own weblog at, men can read my musings and meet hilariously fictional law-enforcement characters every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

If you’re looking for politically-correct humor, then check out the Liars and Crooks Blog at These are the zaniest, most thought-provoking anecdotes covering the political spectrum in an easy, ready-to-publish online format.


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