You’ve Been Busted for Picking the Cash Right of Your Pocket!

Pickpocketing. It’s America’s No. 1 scam – but can anyone else fix the situation quickly?

Not so. More than 500 billion persons were investigated by local, regional and international law enforcement organizations as the result of detectives tracking down pickpockets of all ages, from teens to senior citizens. Pickpocketing is as elusive as any other form of crime amongst people of all ages. Truth is, pickpockets are tough, dumb victims accused of stealing billfolds, travelers checks and other items from other people at any given time. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, pickpockets are engaged in every area of the criminal activity, among them:



Identity theft

Illegal money laundering


Currency loss

YOU, yes you may be a victim of pickpocketing!

More than 500,000 pickpockets around the world steal billfolds and other items from other men, women and teens; and these criminal suspect can be brought to justice or be indicted.

Can you avoid pickpocketing?

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents are investigating those victims of lethal pickpocketing and how they can be arrested in perpetuity. Should anyone attempt to take the items out of their pockets, they could get worse at some point, and I am confident the law enforcement agencies will work with the FBI to crack numerous pickpocketing-oriented investigations when possible, having inept for interrogation. Can you handle the traps of illegal picketing? Will someone who is a pickpocket grab as many dollar bills as he can – only when you have the courage to stop him from snatching pocket-sized items?

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