Illegal Weapons

The Shadow Busters demonstrated a few firearms being used by the German Kremlin cartel, as Capt. Noseworthy, Detective Throckmorton, Special Agents Duke and Kill, Lt. Kling and the mad scientist and magician Broderick revealed the weapons invented by Franz Hartwich, the lead of the European federal mafia movement at Shadow Busters Foundation headquarters in Burbank, where the crime-busting agency is situated at Walt Disney Studio 4. Detective Throckmorton showed the other members of the Shadow Busters Foundation’s team of law enforcement investigators, mad scientists and fact checking debunkers how these unique weapons of mass mafia infiltration were designed to bust mobster shadows within reach. He pointed out that “lethal mafia justice has been a significant part of the Shadow Busters Foundation’s efforts to bust the tyranny of gangster violence in the south of Germany. We need to wipe out the infamous gangster Franz Hartwich and his gang of hoodlums, mafia kingpins and mobsters associated with the Munich federal mafia immediately before we debunk the case involving the German law enforcers and the mob enemies themselves..

“I am confident Sgt. Harry, the Shadow Busters Foundation’s founding law enforcer and resident mad scientist, will demonstrate these mafia combat weapons quickly withing the next five-and-a-half hours.”

The Shadow Busters Foundation’s scientist-in-residence, Linda Noseworthy, Ph.D.,, was about to unveil some of our latest inventions for infiltrating organized crime

“”Dare you, all of us Shadow Busters investigators, fact checkers and law enforcers, to bust the German subsidized federal mafia!” shouted Broderick.

Detective Throckmorton had suggested the weapon that he had mentioned in the war against the Germany mob.

“No! Don’t touch one of the weapons being carried on this next case,” shouted Sgt. Harry.

Special Agent Duke warned, “You’re a witness to the German mafia… you’ll never, ever use any of my own guns.”

“To whom will carry any of these?” asked Prof. Noseworthy.

“Proof Detective Throckmorton with use his tactics to bust gangster shadows whenever possible. Prepare to infiltrate the Munich federal mafia at your own risk,” Special Agent Duke answered.

Harrison O’Neal, who is the director of the Munich mafia based in Bonn, Germany, interrogated

the evidence to the Shadow Busters and said, “There you are, each one of you shadow-busting troubleshooters! I am about to track down the members of the Germany team of gangsters connected with the German and Russian Kremlin officers; and all of you, Shadow Busters enforcers, to find the members of the mob in Germany to stop them from destroying Europe!”



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