Debunking how people ponder

The are of pondering is how many people think while placing their right hands with their brains. What better way there is to eradicate imponderability than to deep-think inside the human mind. For many of the more the 870 billion men each year, imponderability is essential to an arsenal of neurological terms, which include a plot to increase a man’s pondering human brain by 100 percent.

That’s an I.Q. of 100 for every male brain being picked by males.

According to Imponderables reference book series author David Feldman, thinking men must ponder with their brains – primarily through streams of electrical currents receiving messages concerning the creation of thoughts surrounding the entire central nervous system. I am pondering with my right hand under my head, as I think deeply in my mind, for that matter.

Feldman is an authority on all things imponderable, having submitting questions focusing on the mysteries of everyday life across 10 critically acclaimed titles in the Imponderables book series. He also invented two groundbreaking party games, Malarky and Imponderables, and has the upcoming book The Imponderable Gun hitting bookstores this fall from longtime publisher HarperCollins.


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